This Is How Artificial Intelligence Is Revamping the Automobile Industry

AI in the automobile industry

The automobile industry is no stranger to intense competition. However, tech giants are slowly making their way into the traditional automobile market with the adoption of Artificial Intelligence. We’re way past self-driving cars in 2020, as companies are developing ways to improve user experience, along with employee experience, work efficiency, and safety. 

AI Meets Auto

Artificial Intelligence has revolutionized every industrial sector that has incorporated it. The Automobile industry is no different as autonomous or self-driving cars are slowly entering the market as we speak. By the end of 2020, there will be around 150 million AI-powered cars in the world with different applications and unique features. 

Automobiles have undergone a major transformation in the last few decades. AI features like voice control, collision-detection, sensors, and video cameras have improved convenience and comfort. 

Here’s how Artificial Intelligence is revamping the Automobile Industry:

1. Driver Assistance and Safety

We’re not too far off from fully adapting to autonomous vehicles, so it makes sense to evaluate how much assistance Artificial Intelligence can offer to drivers. AI used many sensors for pedestrians crossing the road, blind-spot monitoring, monitoring lane traffic, and identifying dangerous situations to alert drivers accordingly. 

2. Enhanced Communication

We’re looking at a possible future in which vehicles will be able to communicate with each other. With vehicle-to-vehicle communication, your car can also communicate with road signs and traffic signals. As a result, drivers have very little to do with these advanced features. Plus, autonomous monitoring reduces the chances of road accidents.

3. Predictive Maintenance

Artificial Intelligence shifts maintenance requirements from preventive to predictive ones, ending the need for scheduling car maintenance. With AI, you get actionable insights and historical data, as the AI sensors analyze your car’s issue by machine learning to accurately provide its maintenance requirements. 

4. Individualized AI Marketing

AI is connected to Big Data. So, a car with AI technology would have a smart infotainment system that fetches relevant information and suggestions based on your queries. For example, you can ask for places to buy children’s clothes, and the AI would alert you regarding a sale in baby essentials just up the street. Similarly, your eating habits can lead your car to suggest a relevant restaurant near you. 

In the past, people asked, “how well do you know your car?” In the future, you’ll get to ask, “how well does your car know you?”

5. Automobile Manufacturing

Artificial Intelligence also transforms the way we build our cars along with improving the driving experience. With AI, we can develop smart robots to work alongside humans on assembly lines to boost collaboration and increase production efficiency. 

Final Takeaway

Thanks to the Automobile Industry, we have hundreds of options to choose from when purchasing an AI-powered car. To learn more about AI-powered cars and find your perfect lending option, please visit MyAutoLenders today.

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