Buying a Car With Bad Credit: Everything You Need to Know

Car purchase with bad credit

Buying a car with bad credit is possible. If you have a credit score that’s more like a nightmare, you can still get your dream car. However, it won’t be easy and will require some extra work. Plus, you’ll be paying a bigger car loan compared to shoppers with better credit scores. 

But this is about you, not other shoppers. So, let’s get you that car!

Understanding the Role of Your Credit History When Buying a Car

Credit history plays a big role in getting you approved for a car loan, and will also decide the interest cost for financing your car purchase. Buying a car with bad credit is no walk in the park, even if you have a great job and steady income. Late payments, high debt, or bankruptcy are all signs to the lender that you’re a risky client. 

However, bad credit doesn’t always stand in the way of your new car if you play it smart. Here are some steps you can follow to ensure you become a well-informed buy who successfully navigates through the car financing and purchasing journey:

1. Check How Bad Your Credit Score Is

If you’re looking to purchase a car on credit, check your credit report first-thing, preferably a few months before buying. In this period, identify the items or payments that hurt your score, and start cleaning up. 

2. Don’t Purchase Bad Credit Items

If you want that car, you better start to behave before your loan application. Clear all pending payments on time, and avoid any major credit obligations. Your lender will consider late rent payments, debt, tax liens, and any lawsuit judgments as potential red flags. 

3. Make a Bigger Down Payment

A bigger down payment will reduce the interest, taxes, and fees of your vehicle. Plus, it will also give you more car selections to choose from. A bad credit score leads to smaller loans and more interest. 

4. Check Current Interest Rates

Your interest will not only affect your monthly payment but also how much you pay for your car. Check online for the latest auto loan rates, so you know what to expect. With bad credit, you already know you’ll have a higher interest rate, but you’ll also know what to expect, so you don’t get scammed. 

5. Skip the Extras

When you’re buying a car with bad credit, you should sacrifice some of the features you want to match the loan you’ve been approved for. Don’t add to your financial strain just for some leather seats, sunroof, and alloy rims. 

6. Watch Out for Scams

People with bad credit scores are usually on the hunt for the best possible deals, and as a consequence, they often become the target of countless scams. No matter how much you want a car, don’t fall for big loans, or you may simply add to your tarnished credit record. Take your time, learn all the facts, and make the best financial decision you can. 


There are many options for buying a car with bad credit. However, it’s also important to know the best practices before you start. To learn more about car financing and find the perfect auto lending option for every situation, please visit MyAutoLenders today.

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